Today’s Coveted Working Look: Calvin Klein Faux Leather Jacket

Published: October 15, 2014.

Key signs of quality in men’s clothing tend to include: correct fit, high-quality fabric, attention to detail and signs of tradition. Men’s clothing, when done in a successful manner tends to nod towards simple design, and for good reason. While women’s wear can drastically change from season to season, historically, men’s wear stays fairly cohesive and is therefore usually easier to style.

However, as nice as it can be to have consistency in your wardrobe, this “perk” can sometimes, unfortunately, manifest itself into a full blown style rut. Your once classic closet, filled with your favorite sports coats, button ups and ties, can appear to be more of a home to a strict uniform than the wardrobe of a stylish man. So, moving on from there, how do you make the leap from your typical wardrobe pieces and begin to add more personality to your style? Well, the Faux Leather Accent Mock Neck Jacket by Calvin Klein is a good place to start.

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There’s nothing more classic than a leather jacket, however, this jacket from Calvin Klein takes hints of traditional mens wear elements with its simple silhouette and adds a twist by featuring patches of faux leather accents. It allows you to subtly work in hints of personality into your wardrobe, without being too over the top. The jacket also features a stylish mock-neck, knit and leather side panels (great for ventilation and comfort), and is fully lined, which is obviously a plus for anyone looking for a piece that can transition nicely between fall and winter.

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The back is especially appealing with its top-stitch design cascading across the lower portion of the jacket. It hits right at the waist, and is fashion-forward enough to be worn throughout the day, from office meetings to after hour drinks. Even for guys who don’t tend to get to risky with their style, this jacket from Calvin Klein is simple, yet interesting enough, to take your fashion game to the next level. Plus, as far as quality goes, this jacket hits every bit of criteria.