The Gentleman’s Guide to Style

Published May 2018, Hour Detroit and

From grooming to shopping, a comprehensive directory for stylish men in metro Detroit


Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2018
Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2018

A Twist on a Classic


A. SILVER-TONE LON SUNGLASSES, $160 at Michael Kors;
C. KHAKI LINEN SUIT JACKET, $348 at Banana Republic;
D. WHITE SLIM JEANS, $70 at Gap;


With inspiration from the runways of Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton and more, bring your Hawaiian shirts to the forefront of your closet this season. Caitlin Riney, founder of the Detroit-based menswear boutique George Gregory, says this spring’s printed shirts are more slim and breathable than the traditional “dad’s favorite vacation” look. Revamp the style by “leaving the rest of your outfit fairly neutral, such as pairing the top with solid color chino shorts or trousers,” she says. “Try skinny jeans for an edgier look. Add your favorite pair of sunglasses, and you’re ready to take on the day.” — Emma Klug

Q&A: Jeffry Aronsson of Project Treadwing


Metro Detroit native Jeffry Aronsson has served as the CEO of companies like Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs, and Donna Karan. He’s now planning to launch Project Treadwing, a Detroit-based fashion center that will offer end-to-end supply chain functionality, training in apparel manufacturing, and more.


How has the fashion and retail landscape evolved?

Fashion and retail is changing all over the world. Both have become victims of comfort with the familiar and fear of thinking beyond convention.

There is increased demand among consumers for supply chain transparency in addition to immediate delivery of finished products. … Immediacy requires local and flexible product development, production, and logistics.

Current supply chain functionality is inefficiently scattered throughout the world due to the industry’s continual search for least expensive labor. Lead times for orders are months ahead of selling without opportunity to react timely to then market demand.


Why is Detroit an ideal location for project Treadwing?

Localization of fulfillment requires re-imagining the role of labor from minutes-per-unit to fixed overhead amortized by units and time, a process that’s already highly advanced by automobile and aerospace industries local to Detroit.

Detroit’s existing assets position itself as the place for (the apparel, fashion, and luxury industry). Local fulfillment will require relatively inexpensive land [that is] located close to modern logistics, and access to institutions of higher learning excelling at engineering and supply chain management.


What other Detroit design projects have captured your attention?

Detroit’s robust cultural underground is reflected in the many new indigenous restaurants, re-purposing and artful restorations of historic landmark buildings. DC3 [now Design Core Detroit], Empowerment Plan, William & Bonnie, Rebel Nell, Pony Ride, Detroit Fiber Works, the Wasserman Project, College of Creative Studies … I could go on. What could be a better testament to design and Detroit than its designation as the only American UNESCO City of Design? — EK


Project Treadwing By the Numbers:


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