Teen Vogue X Parsons: Your Mockup

The mockup bag that I’ve created for this assignment would ideally fit into the luxury handbag market after going through production. The bag is medium sized, features a long strap, and could be considered a timeless wardrobe staple. The body of the bag would be created using leather, the flap that closes the bag would be made from suede, and the strap would be a mix of suede and leather.

There aren’t a lot of materials that would be needed to create this bag. However, the few items that I have picked out — extra strong thread, black leather, and black suede — are quite pricey. Despite the added cost, these materials will help the handbag stand out when it goes to market. It’s crucial that accessories in the luxury market are created with the best materials available or a brand won’t be able to compete against other names.

The total cost of the bag wold be $237. I would suggest retailers round up and charge $240. If the item were to be mass produced, which it almost certainly would be, it would help with the price. I could purchase fabric and thread in bulk for a cheaper price and then charge less for the bag. If the initial cost of the bag was lower, I could then also invest in other items to make it standout, such as hardware, fabric for an interior lining, designer tag, etc.


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