Teen Vogue X Parsons: Your Audience

This project is part of my Teen Vogue X Parsons Fashion Industry Essentials certification. 

When checking statistics for my blog, The Style Note, I tend to use the built-in analytics available through WordPress. These analytics are easy to understand and access. However, when I want to take a more comprehensive look at the success of my blog, visitor patterns, and successful content, I use Google Analytics. Below, I’ve outlined a few key details about my audience that I’ve discovered through Google Analytics.

Age & Gender

According to Google Analytics, the most popular age group that visits my blog is 25-34, with 18-24 closely behind. The tone of The Style Note is geared towards Millenials, so I’m not surprised by these numbers. Almost 75 percent of visitors are women, and 25 percent are men. I’m also not surprised by this because The Style Note almost exclusively focuses on women’s fashion.


The Affinity Category (aka “reach”) makes up just over 68 percent of the total sessions on my blog. More than 4 percent of visitors in this segment can be categorized as “shoppers,” with “news junkies,” “fashionistas,” “art and theater aficionados,” and “foodies” occupying the second through fifth spots. The Style Note covers fashion trends, runway shows, shopping and styling tips, and “noteworthy” fashion news. Readers interests seem to align with the focus of the blog, which is positive.

Top Channels

According to Google Analytics, almost 78 percent of visitors find The Style Note through Organic Search. This statistic is surprising, and a definite sign that I should be using Referrals and Social more. The Style Note has a presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. However, I do not update these sites as frequently as I should. If I were to take advantage of these platforms along with acquiring backlinks from popular websites, I may see my readership increase.


After looking at the numbers above, it’s easy to see why visitor behavior is the way it is on The Style Note. Data pulled from Google Analytics shows that the site has seen less than 1,000 views in the past week. Users spent just over 2 minutes on the site when they visited, which isn’t particularly bad. If I utilize my social media presence more and post more consistently, I could probably see these numbers rise.


Finally, along with checking the data about The Style Note, I also use Klout to get a rough estimate of my personal social media presence. I tend to vary between posting a lot and posting very little, aka not a very great technique for building a personal brand. I use Instagram the most then Twitter. I believe my Klout score would be better if I continued to focus on two to three social media platforms at most, but still contributed content to as many as possible.



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