Teen Vogue X Parsons: Production Costs

To produce the AI necklace, which is inspired by the lines and shape of a Burberry perfume bottle, it would cost $6.10. Calculation details can be seen below:

$6.10 seems to be a reasonable price for any accessory. Plus, if I were to order aluminum foil and staples in bulk, the price could be even lower. A local grocery store sells both a package of 25 feet of aluminum foil for $2 and a pack of 1,000 staples for $3. Using bulk purchases, I could create 12 necklaces for $8.56, which is 24 cents more than one necklace. Each necklace would cost about 72 cents. Calculations can be found below:

As it’s designed now, I think this type of accessory would do best at a really low price point (definitely lower than the original calculation of $6.10). However, I still don’t think it would be a hit. While the piece is certainly fun and unique, the materials it’s made from aren’t suitable for long-term wear. It would be difficult, especially in a competitive market, to sell any type of accessory that could potentially only be worn a few times before it had to be discarded. If this item were to go into production, I would look for ways to incorporate metal links into the chain, and, at minimum, a strong backing (cardboard, metal, etc.) for the pendant.


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