Shop Emerson Fry: Quality Fashion Made In The USA

Published: October 15, 2014.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but a large issue in the fashion industry today is the lack of quality when it comes to design and the way clothes are made. With the love for fast-fashion retailers at an all time high, it can become difficult to see that although owning a large amount of clothing can be exciting, when it comes to building a wardrobe that’s built to last it’s important to consider the way your clothes are designed as well as how they’re produced. Luckily, there are brands like Emerson Fry that are setting themselves apart from the crowd and bringing an emphasis on quality back to the industry.

SHOP ALL SLIDESHOW 3 1024x682 Shop Emerson Fry: Quality Fashion Made In The USA

Emerson Fry is an online shop that offers uniform-centric fashion for women. Their site currently features clothing  in a primarily neutral color palette of navy, gray and black. These colors along with the design of each item, which is geared towards classic pieces with a twist, results in a consistent, yet versatile, wardrobe options.

Some may assume that having a go-to look can be boring and limit your style but it doesn’t have to be that way. A uniform actually gives you a lot of room to experiment in ways that you might not have originally thought possible. By sticking to a certain color palette, silhouette, whatever, you force yourself to step up your styling game and mix pieces together that you wouldn’t think of combining at first glance.

To further inspire your styling needs, Emerson Fry offers a plethora of photos for the pieces available for purchase on their site. Whether it’s demonstrating layering techniques, various accessory options or how to take a piece from day to night, these photos show multiple ways to wear each of the items and are very helpful when deciding whether to purchase.

EF 1050 00 TAILORED COAT BLACK COATED TWEED 6 Shop Emerson Fry: Quality Fashion Made In The USA

Tailored Coat – Black Coated Tweed

EF 1147 00 V COLUMN DRESS WILD SILK WOOL 2 Shop Emerson Fry: Quality Fashion Made In The USA

V Column Dress – Wild Silk Wool

EF 1045 00 NET PULLOVER DRESS JET WOOL 5 Shop Emerson Fry: Quality Fashion Made In The USA

Net Pullover Dress – Jet Wool

Apart from their designs, another major perk of Emerson Fry is that they manufacture all of their designs in the US. The brand takes a lot of pride in this decision, and according to their site they believe that “the United States has a rich heritage of producing things of excellent quality and employing artisan craftsman all over the country,” and that “the industry is returning to the USA.” By keeping production close to home, Emerson Fry is able to create quality pieces at prices that are fair.

Needless to say, with the over abundance of fast-fashion in the industry today, Emerson Fry’s approach to design and business is refreshing. Quality over quantity has never looked so chic.