Cold-Pressed Juice Company to Open Storefront in Bloomfield Hills

This article was originally published on May 7, 2015, on


Drought, a metro Detroit-based company known for its cold-pressed juices and cleanses, plans to open a storefront in Bloomfield Hills next month.

“We always wanted a presence near that popular area, and (we wanted) to tap into all the business and the people that travel up and down Telegraph for work,” says Julie James, co-founder of Drought. “We just want to be able to reach additional markets and accommodate requests.”

The 800-square-foot store, 4078 W. Maple Rd., marks the company’s sixth storefront in the region. The store will have a clean aesthetic, similar to its stores in Royal Oak, Plymouth, Detroit, and Birmingham.

The Bloomfield Hills location will offer juices with ingredients such as beets, celery, kale, apple, and carrot, priced around $10. The store will also sell cold brew coffee, ginger shots, and cleanses, which cost about $60 a day. James says most of the fruits and vegetables used in the juices are locally sourced.

She says Drought is looking to expand its retail operations and menu, with plans to open more stores within the coming months, including a space in downtown Detroit.

“We’re just trying to refine our process, and make sure that not only our brand and our retail element are on par across the bar but that we’re also continuing to create a better product as we grow,” James says. “We’re really trying to make sure that as we get bigger we get better.”

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