Beginner’s Guide to Skincare

Published November 2016,


Maybe it’s the growth of the fresh face moment or no makeup-makeup, but skincare has definitely reached a new status level. Having a clean face is not only in, but it’s also refreshing and has long term benefits. Taking proper care of your skin can result in less breakouts, delayed signs of aging, easier makeup application, and more.

Unfortunately, skincare isn’t as easy as lathering up some soap on your face and calling it a day. Your skin is complex and ever changing. What can work for one person may not work for you. It takes some time to develop a routine that pays off. Be patient, and be diligent. If you commit to an effective skincare regime, then your skin will certainly reap the rewards.

1. Identifying Your Skin Type

There’s four different skin types — normal, dry, oily, and combination. However, these “skin types” can come in various forms. For example, you can be oily in your T-zone, which is the area of a person’s face that includes the forehead, nose, and chin, during the summer. You could also get dry patches when it’s your time of the month. Or, you could break out and still have dry skin. Skin types vary from person to person. 

It’s important to know what your skin type is so you can buy the appropriate products and apply the right treatments to your face at the right time. Be sure to pay attention to subtle changes in your skin, and don’t drastically switch to a ton of new products at once. 

2. The Skincare Routine



The first step in the skincare process is cleanser. You should wash your face with cleanser every morning and night. The type of cleanser you choose depends on your skin type. Some options include foaming, non-foaming, oil, micellar, cleansing balms, and more. Look for cleansers that are made with natural ingredients and that are gentle on the face for daily use, like the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. Generally, there’s no need to use high-intensity cleanser unless a major breakout is on the horizon.



After washing your face with cleanser in the morning and at night, use a cotton ball/pad to gently apply toner. Toner is made to remove oil and dirt that your cleanser didn’t initially pick up. There are a variety of toners on the market. Depending on the kind you buy, it can also shrink pores, improve your skin pH balance, and refresh skin. Glow Tonic from Pixi, a British beauty brand that is finally making its way stateside, also helps firm and tighten the skin. Toner can make your skin tingle slightly. However, if you get a serious or strange reaction when using your products, then be sure to give your skin a break and try something that fits your needs more.



Serum is key to achieving your skincare goals. Serums include a higher concentration of ingredients that can penetrate deeper under your pores. If eliminating fine lines and wrinkles is your goal, then a serum with vitamin C and collagen boosting properties, like Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum, is a great choice. Serums, along with a lot of great skin care products, can run a pretty penny. Inquire about samples and travel size products, and then test out a variety before committing.



Moisturizer is possibly the most important step of the skincare process. Many people tend to go too light on the moisturizer as they think it’ll make their skin greasy. In reality, your skin often needs extra help staying hydrated. If you have oily skin, then you should consider using a light moisturizer. Rather than forgo moisturizer altogether, you should invest in one made for your skin type. Moisturizers come in all different types of formulas that focus on various needs. Some products, like Philosophy’s Ultimate Miracle Worker, even offer several properties at once, such as SPF 30 and an anti-aging formula. 

Eye Cream


While it may often be overlooked, eye cream is a crucial step in your skincare routine. Tiredness, dehydration, and stress may show on somebody’s entire face. This is especially true for around the eyes. Among other things, eye cream can help with discoloration from dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles near the eyes. The skin around the eyes can be very sensitive, which makes it more prone to signs of aging. To combat this, look for an eye cream with rejuvenation properties, such as Origins’ GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream.

3. Extra Pampering Steps

Apart from a basic skincare routine, there’s also a ton of other extras you can indulge in if you’d like to continue to pamper your skin. If your skin needs a little bit more TLC, then consider adding face masks to your routine. Face masks can be super relaxing and offer a thorough cleaning. The White Clay Face Mask and Rose Clay Face Mask from Les Naly are particular standouts. Each mask has a fresh scent and offers different healing characteristics. The White Clay Face Mask provides relaxing, gentle, and soft exfoliation for sensitive dry skin. The Rose Clay Face mask is deep cleansing, detoxifying, and moisturizing with polishing properties. For full body exfoliation, Les Naly’s Coconut Blush Body Polish can be added to your daily/weekly/monthly routine.

Also, feel free to keep the following do’s and don’ts in mind: 

  • DO drink a lot of water
  • DON’T pick at your face
  • DO eat healthy foods and exercise
  • DON’T sleep in your makeup
  • DO avoid stress
  • DON’T skip your skincare routine 
  • DO apply SPF generously 

Remember, this is just the very beginning of the things you need to know to effectively take care of your skin. Dermatologists go to school for years to master this material. So, start slow, have fun, and listen to your skin.

Do you have any tips for beginner skin care? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

Banner Photo: RD

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