10 Tips for Better Hair Days

Published November 2016, lesnaly.com

A good hair day, to me, is a good day. Hair with no static, minimal split ends, maximum volume, and absolute shine makes me feel confident. However, achieving an effortlessly beautiful mane can require a lot of time and effort. Whether it’s a dip in temperature, a new dye job, a haircut, daily stressors, or even just a relapse in hair how-to knowledge, it’s never a bad idea to revisit tips for better hair days. Peep 10 of our top secrets below, and let us know in the comment section what your beautiful hair rules are! 

10 Tips for Better Hair Days:

  1. Rinse Cold 


Colder water helps close hair’s cuticle and seal in moisture from conditioner, which keeps hair looking healthy and shiny. If completely cold showers aren’t your thing, shower as you normally would then be sure to at lease thoroughly rinse your hair with cooler water before you turn off the faucet.

2. Master Go-To Styles


A lot of people tend to wear their hair in the same style every day. If that works for you, then great. However, it always helps to have a few go-to looks in your arsenal for when a bad hair day strikes. Master a few go-to hairstyles, such as a quick side braid, low bun, or beachy waves, for when your mane doesn’t want to cooperate.

3. Schedule a Date with Your Hairdresser 


Getting a trim every one to three months, depending on your hair length, helps remove any split or damaged ends. Getting a trim frequently is especially important for shorter hair. If you have a shorter hairstyle, it can sometimes look noticeably awkward as it grows out. 

4. Use Heat Protectors


Hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons can all cause damage to your strands. So be sure to using a heat protectant, such as a spray, balm, or lotion that’s designed to guard your fragile ends and avoid split ends. A favorite is It’s a 10. As the name implies, the product has up to 10 different properties that can help protect your hair, including preventing split ends, flat iron and thermal protection, and stopping hair breakage.

5. Schedule your Shampoos


If better hair days are your goal, figure out a washing schedule that works for you and try to strategically switch it up when possible. For example, use a shampoo with moisturizing properties for when its cold outside and use products with volumizing properties for days where your hair feels weighed down. Another word to the wise: Don’t be afraid to skip a day if you can. A good shampooing can feel amazing, but it’s important to also let your natural oils do their thing. 

6. Take Your Vitamins 


Beauty starts from within - HUM Nutrition launches at Sephora today (PRNewsFoto/HUM Nutrition)
Along with helping you maintain a strong physique, daily vitamins, like Red Carpet from Hum, can help your hair stay vibrant. Magic ingredients to look for when it comes to obtaining better hair is biotin, also called vitamin B7, Iron, Vitamin D, and Zinc. These vitamins can help with hair elasticity, strength, unwanted thinning, and more. 

7. Apply a Mask


A great way to achieve longevity between thorough cleansings is to apply a hair mask. Just like masks made for your face, hair masks, such as the Beauty Protector Protect and Treat Mask, can contain a number of different ingredients to give your hair its desired look. A few features with a hair mask can include extra shine, a color boost, a fresh scent, relaxation, and more. 

8. Drink Plenty of Water 


If there’s anything worth taking away from this article, it should really be how crucial moisture and natural oils are to your hair health. Along with providing a plethora of other benefits, drinking the proper amount of water for your body can drastically improve your hair. Use a fitness and/or H2O tracker to ensure you’re drinking enough throughout the day. 

9. Embrace Your Texture 


Years of straightening naturally curly hair or adding waves to stick straight hair can show wear and tear over time. Your hair looks best when you let it be what it really is. Give your strands a break sometime, and embrace your natural style for better hair days. There’s plenty of products to help you enhance your hair texture, such as Moroccanoil Curl Defining CreamOGX Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Anti-Breakage Serum, and, of course, coconut oil.

10. Give Your Scalp Room to Breathe


While chances are a polished top knot every so often won’t cause bald spots, tying your hair tightly, especially before bed, can put unnecessary strain on your roots. It’s best to give your scalp room to breathe. Use a scrunchie, like this 90s throwback from Urban Outfitters, to loosely pull your hair back when you’re heading to bed, hanging around the house, or running a quick errand.

What rules do you follow for better hair days? Let us know your secrets in the comment section! 

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